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So here’s a brand new collection of footwear for men signed by the renowned Brazilian producer well appreciated for its collection of bags and accessories. Its success was, in fact, in 1962, allowing in this way over time to shape their experience more and experiencing new areas in order to gratify their own slice of the best consumer receives each year more and more support.

The line is the Soul Collection, the model Hawaianas ready to bring joy even during the cold season with shoes that have wide color palette. The brands in the realization of this model was inspired by South African football world last giving in this way made this collection of sneakers low, comfortable but above all in harmony with the environment as ecological. In fact this model respects the environment through the use of recycled materials and fiber iuto, procured from natural rubber and recycled fabric. Its price is about 60 euros and will sit well with the purchase of the approximately 50,000 families who live in Brazil specialized in the production of iuto. It is possible that in the near future may be placed on the market are also models for women.

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