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Handmade accessories

Handmade accessories are now more popular than ever. They are present in different styles and could have either a retro design or a bohemian style. Which one do you like the most?


Even the big European brands have started to design handmade bohemian products.

Handbags and rings are our favourites because they look colourful and even elegant. A bit of a retro style can also be given to this handmade accessories and sometimes we see big jewellery pieces.

The most interesting accessories are, for us, the handmade necklaces. They are an intriguing piece that could be done with different materials, creating an eclectic accessory.

With stones, o even fabric, necklaces can have a bit of an Art Nouveau style or bohemian, even hippie.


The good side of this tendency is that you may be able to find great accessories in flea markets and artisan shops.

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