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Hairstyles 2012

Hairstyles 2012, everything you need to know and do to look fabulous during the year.

During the 2012 we’ll see some new trends make their way in the fashion world, like more funky hairstyles, less straight lines and even some colourful hairlights, while other trends will continue to be strong in the women’s choice. Anyway, hairstyles for 2012 will be feminine and attractive becoming more protagonists of any outfit and style.

hairstyles 2012 curlyhairstyles 2012up

Long hair will still be the main trend, especially during the cold seasons. Wavy or sleek you’ll want to use it lose over your shoulders giving your face some sort of frame. Depending on your style, long hair can give you a really informal style, especially if you have some natural weaves; but the good thing is that maybe straight or applying some accessories, you can adapt it to be an amazing part of any elegant outfit.

hairstyles 2012 braidedhairstyles 2012 long

As the year goes on we will see more braided hairstyles and some pulling up styles that work better for the hot weather.

hairstyle 2012 shorthairstyle 2012 short1

Short hairstyles will experiment a big change during 2012. They will become more elaborate, with a funky style and a lot of different lengths combined in an elaborate hairstyle. Except for a short period during the summer when short hair looks good without any work, the rest of the year you will have to work a little on your style if you have short hair. Some colour added may look good too.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember is part of your own personality and says a lot about who you are. Choose something that adapts to the life you have and don’t be afraid to change or experiment.

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