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Haircuts 2012

The trends in haircuts 2012.

2012 is almost here and it’s time to change our hairstyle. The best way to do this is to choose a completely different haircut. Your stylist can probably help you find a haircut that goes with your face and your features. Anyway, we want to share with you some of the trends for 2012 in haircuts.


2012 will be the continuation for those trendy bob haircuts with layers and irregular endings. The style is sophisticated and very elegant and it’ll be mostly use with sleek hair. Take care of it! You’ll probably want it shinny by now. We will see these haircuts earn more volume as the year goes by.

Short and medium hair will be a big trend and long hair will be cut with layers and given some extra volume, especially if you have waves. Sleek long hair should be styled with a funky fringe.


Wind haircuts will also be popular. These styles look fresh and give movement even when we probably have to fix it with gel. They are also young and brave haircuts that can easily adapt to different faces and shapes.

Finally something that we really like for next year is the big and voluminous fringes that give a unique style to each haircut. Mostly with short sleek hair, we will see a tendency to have short asymmetrical fringes. Longer haircuts will go better with a side fringe.

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