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Hair trends winter 2011/ 2012

The expected trends for autumn 2011 will be feminine and elegant. This, it is clear from what has been learned during the fashion shows of major Italian houses that have presented the collection of their leaders that they will trend during the season.

Such sophistication is put on the field by the woman who, during the season that is coming, which goes to show you a hairstyle to match garments produced by fashion houses. In a few weeks we will leave behind the summer season that will long remember for its nuances, its colors and patterns of hair-cutting trend that the more they did during the summer. The witness, of course, will be delivered to the fall season and there are many questions and doubts about the trends that characterize the season that now knocks at the door.

As for the hair color that will raise other, it indicates the long blond hair that will touch your shoulders. Consequently, for autumn-winter 2011/2012, we will see the hairstyles for women are extremely tough, simple but very elegant at the same time. In fact, thanks to them, there will be occasions when the woman will be able to unleash all her femininity through the hair or short hair that will be brought back with any ad hoc products that the experts will advise you.

The woman in the autumn-winter season will bring long hair, but not too much, stopping at shoulder height. A model of the hairstyle that will surely not go unnoticed that provides a Scapigliatura which is done on purpose, as is well known that model, we have already seen during the summer is leaving us. If you have long hair, the variant with regard to the hairstyle could be represented by Chighon that never goes out of fashion and helps women who often do not have much time to devote to managing their hair.

In fact, this pattern of hair style is well suited to the creation of braids or otherwise, with the help of the modeling products for shaping hair. Finally, for those who want to go back in the roaring ’50s and ’60s, may opt for a hairstyle that involves the hair of medium length bob.

In this article, albeit short, we gave a glimpse of the trends that characterize the season that now knocks at the door. We do not exclude that these, you can add additional models during the same season.

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