Hair Styles for Men


Men are becoming increasingly conscious about hairstyles. Hair styles for men are largely influenced by celebrities and
style icons. Men’s hair styles vary widely, and looks are created according to the face, hair texture, and overall
personality of the person. Hair experts are coming up with new looks and hair styles for men, which will make a strong
impression, whether they are appearing for an interview or going out for their first date. Many men also like to color their
hair or go for fashionable hair-cuts to look attractive.
Popular Hair Styles for Men:
Hairstyling for men is an art in itself. Hair experts are coming up with hair styles that are suitable for a number of
occasions and also for everyday look. Hair styles for men are also according to individual lifestyle and personality. Some
of the popular hair styles for men are Buzz Style, High and Tight Style, Faux Hawk Style, Crew Cut Style, Caesar Style,
Classic Taper Style, and Graduation Style.

Buzz Style: In Buzz Style, hair is cut with clippers in a way so that a uniform length is maintained all over the head. If you
have a problem of receding hairline, this low maintenance hair style is the right choice for you.
High and Tight Style: In High and Tight Style, the sides of the head are shaved and made completely free of hair. Then
the top is cut in a way so as to form a short flat top. High and Tight Style is also known army style. It was original style of
US Marines.

Crew Cut Style: In Crew Cut Style, hair is cut short on the sides and back. The hair on top of the head is graduated in
length from the front of the hairline to the back of the crown, in such a way that it conforms to the general contour of the
Caesar Style: In Caesar Style, hair is cut short, with horizontally straight cut bangs. The popular hair style was named
after Julius Caesar.
Celebrity Hair Styles for Men:
You can also choose from a good number of celebrity hair styles for men. Al Pacino’s neat back brushed style is ideal for
men with oblong or diamond shaped face. If you have coarse hair, you can go for Johnny Depp’s wild Pirates of the
Caribbean look. Men with fine hair can try Jason Dolley’s ‘High School High’ style.

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