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Hair Styles 2011

Although fashion usually change little by little, it is easy to predict the hair styles 2011 that will be the most popular. People could wear haircuts whatever they like because short-, medium- and long-hairs would be very fashionable. Bob style for medium and short hairs, bangs, and layered haircuts will continue prevailing. People could also continue wearing the asymmetric haircuts and soft waves.

en capas medium_razored

According to the hair styles 2011, the most daring women, could cut their hairs, so that they can show their faces, eyes and mouths free-and-easily. Although short hair is usually worn by men, women can their self-confidence better if they expose their charms. For those who have a busy lives or love practicing sports, Bob style could be a great choice, because it only needs some hair gel to look nice.

For those who like long hair, the hair styles 2011 suggest to wear layered haircuts, waves, or straight hair. Although long hairs wouldn’t be the most popular in 2011, it will never get out of fashion.

For medium-curly-hair women, hair styles 2011 are also plenty of new ideas, so that they can look beautiful. Some layers and curls would define and add texture to women hairs. The straight medium hair styles would be very fashionable in 2011, as in 2010.

Adornments and braid would give a touch of elegance to hairs in the coming year, which would reintroduce old fashions and would also come full of new ideas.

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