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Hair fall winter 2011-2012 to adolescence

Experts in the field of fashion and hairstyling always believe that teenagers are the hardest to satisfy in terms of the look that they want to achieve when cutting their hair.

This is actually more understandable than we think. At a time when teenagers are experiencing hormonal changes, which affect the structure of the hair, sometimes resulting irregular hair growth, they are often labeled as ‘rebels’ because of the difficulties being experiences at this time.

It often happens that girls really never agree on how best to style their hair, or the best hair cut that will suit them. We will, in our small way, try to give some advice to our young readers, in order to aid them in choosing hairstyles that are not only appropriate for their age but will also meet their interests and (often high) expectations. The new trends with regards to hairstyles in 2012 for adolescents aged between 14 and 18 are emphasize the physical characteristics of the individual, so basically the trend is to make the hairstyle as personalized as possible. Even though the current trends are taken from the fashion catwalks, it is clear that the first thing that must be taken into account is the physical peculiarities of the individual and choosing the style that is most suitable. During this season, we have noticed that in the world of teenagers, the very short hairstyle has become very popular; it copies the style known as ‘punk’ – a model which has been known to break with the standards of behavior oriented towards the most teenagers. Other model hairstyles we’ve seen and certainly will be repeated during the season that will follow, is of a cut which tends to thin out some of the strands of hair, with a medium length hair following a wave, which probably could be included if you want a few fringe. For all adolescents who have curly and wavy hair you can opt for a cut that greatly emphasizes their physical characteristics. In winter it is usually best to make the cuts as simple as possible, consistent with the age of the teenager, avoiding trying to make the adolescent either look to old or too long. Finally, the right choice of color is of paramount importance. Teenagers often prefer lighter colors, such as light brown or blonde. Some of course do prefer the darker colors, dark brown being a popular choice.


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