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Rules for a Flawless Makeup Application

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Tip 1: Skin Care Routine
For flawless makeup always look after your skin. Your skin is the canvas upon which you
will work your makeup artist magic.
Tip 2: Primer
Always use a makeup primer before applying your Foundation. A good primer will attract
moisture to your skin making your complexion look wonderful by smoothing out small
lines; evening your skin tone and making your makeup last for hours. Mature women
should never apply makeup without first using a primer.
Very young women may feel that it is not necessary as they will often just use a moisturiser with a sun blocking product. Every woman, no matter what their age should look for products with good sun blocking properties to protect their skin from skin cancer.
Tip 3: Cool or Warm
Decide on whether your colouring is warm or cool. It is quite easy to decide whether your
skin tone is cool or warm.
Place your hand palm up on a really white piece of paper or material and look to see if your wrist skin looks cool or warm against the white. Often cool skin tones will show bluish veins more readily than warm toned skin where the veins will take on a greenish colour.
You can also gently pull down your lower lip and look at the colors on the inside skin.
Having a Colour Analysis done will further define and refine what you can wear and the hair and makeup which will be most successful.

Tip 4: Foundation

Decide whether you want light, medium or maximum coverage. Also whether you want
oil control, skin firming or light reflecting properties in your foundation. Match the foundation to your skin tone so that the skin on your neck and chest does not look noticeably different to the skin colour on your face. So question yourself; are you
very light, light, medium, dark or very dark in skin tone?

Apply your foundation across your forehead, lightly across your eyelids, down your nose
and chin and across your cheeks. Always gently apply foundation in a downward
Do not drag the skin around in a flurry of action. If you apply it in an upwards direction
you will make any fine hair on your face stand to attention! This is not a very good look.
Always wrap (sweep along the edge and slightly under your jaw) and blend your

Tip 5: Concealer
Concealer should only cover imperfections. It is not to be used in large amounts.
Choose a shade lighter than your skin tone to bring forward the dark recessed areas of
your face. If you have some freckles, blemishes or birth marks it would be best to use a
concealer which matches your skin tone.

Tip 6: Translucent Loose Powder
Loose powder will set the base so that your application of coloured cosmetics will not
disturb your foundation and concealer.
To apply your powder use the press and roll method by pressing on the skin and rolling
along for one roll. So it is press and one roll to the right or left depending on which hand
you prefer to use.

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