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Finally, here featured the shoes of our dreams!

What is the right time to buy the things we constantly dream of? Finally, with the arrival of balances everything has become more accessible, so we just have to enter the store and ask the clerk for our number. Unfortunately there is only one size available and it is smaller than our own: what to do? This is a major doubt that assails us when we are in presence of the object of our desires. At this point, while many decide to simply give it up, others may have discovered another way: also buy shoes of your dreams and trust that, despite some initial pain, it may eventually spread gradually to the perfect shape of our feet.

Buying shoes online is another option available that will relieve the stress involved in buying shoes.

Let us assuming that our new acquisition cannot be brought back to the store to be replaced by another model (which especially in times of balance is usually not possible) one of the most common solutions, is to put the shoes inside a plastic bag like those designed to freeze food, full them with water, then put our shoes in the bag and place in the freezer;

When the time required to freeze has passed, remove the bag and wait until the water has completely thawed, taking care not to break the wet shoes further.

Remove the bag and wipe out the shoes.

With this popular based on classic “Grandma’s advice”, we put on our shoes and feel much more comfortable. A second solution utilizes the opposite method: the use of heat. After heating our shoes with the help of a hair dryer, try to put them and keep the feet in the shoes for a while and, if necessary, repeat the operation several times: in this case, the shoe should soften and adhere perfectly to your foot.

If, however, the first two attempts have not gone well, we could try a third solution, which involves taking our shoes to a cobbler who has the necessary tools to expand just enough to make them perfect for your feet.

Another alternative solution consists of pieces of newspaper soaked in alcohol and put them in your shoes. Once left to dry (preferably for an entire night), they should be much larger and more comfortable!

If, so far, just the solutions proposed do not lead to the desired results, then we just have to try a last attempt, which consists of wearing wet stockings with our new shoes around the house. Always follow Grandma’s advice as the humidity would help to further broaden your footwear.


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