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Felipe Varela, Princess Letizia’s designer

Felipe Varela

Felipe Varela is an spanish designer, who has been chosen by Princess Letizia as her main dress provider (she wore his designs at Prince William’s wedding, for instance). He studied design and pattern in Paris, where he worked for several firms including Kenzo, Dior, Mugler, Lanvin, Tarlazzi and Torrente. Back in Madrid, during the mid 90’s, he set up his own company and made his debut at the Cibeles Fashion Show in the Spanish capital. He opened his first Madrid store in 1998 (it is situated at 30, José Ortega y Gasset Street). During 2000 he onpened 10 boutiques in El Corte Inglés department stores. Nowadays his designs are also available on the international market.

His style seems to be very sober, with pale colours and very delicate fibers, like silk, for instance. Sometimes this simpleness has been criticized, but seems to be just the distinction that his female customers appreciate the most. Should you want to feel like a Princess, them, wearing the same dresses as Princess Letizia, you can go to Varelas’ web page. There you will find all his designs, including cocktail dresses, day dresses, gowns, coats, accesories, purses and shoes. Leticias’ similar dresses are for sale, of course. Prices range (for dresses) from 500 to 800 euros.

However, if you go to the wep page of  Trawen, run by a group of fashion followers, you will find this week and for a limited time, several Felipe Varela’s dresses really on sale, for prices as low as 120 euros. We are talking about a real bargain that seems worth of consideration.

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