Written by Tendenzias

Fast Fashion


The chains ‘Fast Fashion’ attract the attention of the general public. And there will be more and more. In addition to H & M and Zara to be strong (abroad) as well: Topshop (English), Uniqlo (Japanese) and Forever 21 (U.S.). The economic crisis in a strong way that makes its weight felt in the field of fashion, we did recover the value of basic and classic but also strengthens the desire of things funny, read. So many brands direct from the cartoon and allow themselves to play with colors and design ‘girly girly’, ultra sweet and mincing. It is possible that the hotpants may become the trend for next season. In fact, it’s shorts in many different ways and colors. To be worn by day in a T-shirt and a blazer in the evening with a top. We can expect fierce competition that will hotpants to the slim-fit trousers and skirts, in the end we’ll see who will win the day! The year 2011 brings a new wind of imagination and inspiration to look innovative.

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