Written by Tendenzias

Fashion In the Olden Days

3442-13Fashion in the olden days was easier to maintain and keep up with as there was a less variety of designed items and persons was not so much concered about dressing up, accessories was not as much as it is today, fashion has been in great development.

Men was mostly dressed in robes and something to cover their heads as we would have seen in some televised programmes and story books, the women was dressed similarly to the men.

The trend in fashion as we can see has widely improved and is widely differentiated to nack then. On several televised programmes we would see men, women and children were dressed more modernly with their bodies fully covered. In these modern days we see ladies dressing in outfits that somewhat expose some of their body parts for instance their breast, their legs. The dressing in those days we see them no more.

I believe if we had continue with the fashion in those days we would have less rape incidents but the improvement in the fashion has given us a better look. Designers have now taken it to another level the fashion is now a “in-thing”, everyone wants to look good.fashion

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