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Fashion Denim For Men


Jeans are the main staple of every man’s wardrobe whether or not he’s into fashion. Until recently jeans for men came in simple styles. Going shopping for jeans entailed looking around for a few minutes, trying it on for the fit and paying. Nowadays things are infinitely more complex. Designer jeans, with their various fits, styles and colors have invaded the market. Shopping for jeans isn’t as simple as it used to be. In fact it could be quite daunting if you are an ordinary Joe without a shred of fashion style.

First of all why should you even buy designer jeans? They’re double the price of ordinary jeans and the thought of going for brand names makes you feel shallow inside. However if you are picky about the weave or the washes then designer jeans are probably for you. Designer denim is great for style and comfort. Also recent trends in designer denim have seen the comeback of the slimmer, straight jean leg. You won’t have to worry about any outrageous designs. Jeans are now hewing back to a simpler design, albeit at a more expensive cost. Men’s designer jeans models to watch include Diesel’s Viker jean, which is similar to the popular Zathan jeans, but with a straight leg. If you want to go a bit fancier for a night-out kind of jean, try Diesel’s Yarik—it’s got zippers and embroidery to really set you apart, with the in-demand straight leg style.
Another point to consider is that designer jeans have much more variety than off the rack labels. You can easily find the best look for your shape. Going for a pair of straight leg jeans would not suit you if you’ve got muscular leg.

If the price of designer jeans are enough to give you a heart attack there are still ways to overcome it. Levi’s, although a more everyday brand than “designer”, offers some choices that are completely up-to-the-minute, trend-wise. If you’re not completely into the designer price but you want the look, then Levi’s is for you.

Go around a department store and get looking for those bargains. Finding a sale on designer brands are 70 percent luck and 30 percent dedication. Ask a department store
sales associate if there are upcoming sales, and if there is a call list for big sales.

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