Written by Tendenzias

Fashion and trends


Fashion evidently changes rapidly according to the trends and desires of people. Fashion is something that lets a person gain satisfaction and self confidence. Fashion is not determined by one person’s dressing, it is defined differently by any person who dress fashionable. Fashion can help some gain employment, as if a person know how to design clothes they can become a business person offering their designing services to others. In fashion persons can find jobs as a fashion designer, fashion stylist, technical designer, fabric quality control manager, fashion journalist, illustrator, show room sales representatvie, fabric buyer, apparel production manager, production pattern maker, fashion consultant, graphic designer, fashion coordinator, public relation executive, cutting assistant and a fashion photographer. In this industry a person can choose to be self employed or employed to a fashion company or even create their own business which they are in charge of. Fashion opens a door of a wide variety of opportunities to find a source of income. After being apart of the fashion industry a fashion designer or worker in any other field may find themselves with long term proposals from clients. This is just a few openings after becoming involved with fashion.

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