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Famous modeling underwear

nadal armani

In a recent post we commented about an uncommon event, that of a famous artist walking the cathway for a renowned designer (we are talking about Lady Gaga modeling for Thierry Mugler). To the contrary, today’s topic is something that have became very usual: famous artists and sportsmen modeling underwear for famous brands. Whereas in the past underwear models became later on famous for other activities,  like Mark Wahlberg  working for Kalvin Klein an then becoming a famous actor, to set an example, during the last years is has been the opposite. The most recent case is that of Number 1 professional tennis player Rafael Nadal. The young Spanish athlete has signed for Emporio Armani as his new image, substituting portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo who in turn stepped in for  famous British David Beckahm (the later is supposed to have made a 20 million sterling pound deal for posing in briefs for the Italian firm). By the way, a lot have been said about allegedly photoshopped images of Nadal, who does not seem the same when he takes his shirt off between sets and when appearing on Armani´s add (some have even said that it looks more like Ronaldo’s pecs than Nadal’s).
Other famous include actor Antonio Sabato Jr. posing for Calvin Klein, and Benin born Oscar nominated Djimon Hounsou, also hired by Calvin Klein.
The interesting thing here is that it does not happen the same with famous women modeling lingerie. Victoria Secrets still prefers top models for its fashion shows. We do not understand the reasons for this different approach.

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