Earth Day 2012

Color years, the delusion reminiscent of sea water. This also takes its name. It is cheerful and intense, yet connects well with other summer colors. How about a sea-green?

Cyan clothes

Cyan clothes

Sea green is the color that despite appearances can have many shades. Just as sea water, sometimes more blue, or with more green tinge. Therefore, it is quite versatile and can wear it a lot of women.

Dark cyan - wardrobe

Dark cyan - wardrobe

The best present in it will be ladies of the spring or summer type color. Shades of that color but may not be identical. Spring will present themselves better in the sea, which has more green, and the years in the more blue. You’ll look beautiful in any of these shades if:

  • you’re blond or brunette with a light gray color,
  • you have green or blue eyes – they highlight the beauty of the sea depth.

Sea green would also look nice on a southern brunettes. Natural Redheads and can therefore look at the color of tired.

Sea green would look beautiful with white and beiges – it’s the color of sand, so naturally suited to the sea. To further tweak the intensity of sea greens offer a combination of violets, for example, the cyclamen. On the evening of the sea will become more chic and mysterious character in black or cocoa brown.

Cyan shirt

Cyan shirt

And of course the second thing to steam, which is very bright, turquoise blue sea and associated with the holiday. Brings to mind carefree and fun. Examine how to wear cyan.

Cyan is the color of decidedly cold. It comes in several shades, but always intense. It is difficult to carry it with the face, but we opt for a summer in that color additives. Cyan will showcase the great shoes, beach bags, and bracelets – the beautifully highlight a summer tan and makes reminiscence of upcoming Earth Day 2012

Cyan is definitely a cool shade of blue. They have to watch out for him a warm color types, because cyan makes the skin begins to look unhealthy, and worse – cheap. Can boldly go for it ladies wear for summer and winter color type. You can wear this color on your face if you:

  • you’re a natural brunette or your natural hair color is ash blonde,
  • you have moles in gray – brown tint,
  • whites of your eyes are bluish – white.

Cyan highlight the beauty of color most years, and winters with blue irides.

Containing cyan color styling are not easy. Difficult to combine with others so that it looks really noble. Risk of failure of colors certainly avoid combining cyan with another shade of blue. We propose adding the warm blue. The black total look will be perfect during the holiday vacation. If you want the make the cyan seemed more subdued add the light gray, but necessarily in an icy tone.

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