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Durable Denim


Whether you are a fashion lover or not, the denim has likely managed to work its way into your wardrobe. The value of denims is not judged by their price or look, but by their versatility. They can be worn anywhere and everywhere, in the house, in the workplace, on romantic meets or on causal outings. No matter what your pair them with, a shirt, a t-shirt, its hard to go wrong.

Earlier in the 1500s, they were worn by Genovese sailors as their everyday pants and later by workers in the United States. But the denim revolution took place when two American immigrants, Levi Strauss, a Bavarian-Jewish merchant, and Jacob Davis, a Latvian tailor, partnered up to reinforce men’s jeans with copper riverts, to make them more durable. The jeans fashion history among the mainstream youth was truly made in the 1950s when film stars started wearing them in movies. Some historic brands in this genre are levi’s, Lee and Wrangler.
There are many different qualities of jeans; of fabrics, of washing, of fit, of cut, etc. The list goes on with regards to accessories and trimmings. Although previous time it was used to be just the basic working-man’s pant, today jeans have literally become an art form.

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