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White Dresses on Special Occasions


You may have your white dress and ‘color it up’, too! I would like to offer some advice for pulling together the entire flower girl ensemble with a white dress and color accents. Remember, you choose a white dress to remain traditional and perhaps to bring the charm of childhood innocence to your most special event. So, be simple and elegant with color accents on white flowers girl dresses. Choose the flower that best matches your sash color. With an all white girl dress, no matter the accent color, white shoes, socks, and tights are likely to be most appropriate. The same with gloves and hair accessories, staying with white will present a polished but charmingly traditional flower girl.

Few years ago, when dresses were long and clothing was washed painstakingly by hand and not very often, white dresses were not practical. They had worn only by the very wealthy. However, with the modern convenience of automatic washing machines and easy wash fabrics, white dresses can be worn by anyone who chooses to wear them.

Now, white prom dresses are popular choices for teens. Many styles are available in the markets, from short and flowing styles to long, elegant princess style dresses. The important thing to remember when wearing a white dress is to wear appropriate undergarments, as many white fabrics tend to show through. Undergarments should be skin colored to cut down on the outline of the undergarments showing through, especially against sunlight of bright lights.

The perfect times for a white dress on special occasions for young girls like birthday parties or family get-together, reunion party etc. They would not be very practical for every day play-wear. The only time you should not wear white is if you are attending a wedding and you are not the bride.

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