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Dresses for Summer

summer dresses fitt

1. A dress for summer and into the fall is the dress.  Dresses are shorter – usually above the knee.  Take a look at the empire or baby doll styles.
2. Another key item is a white blouse or dressy shirt that can be worn open as a jacket.  Pair it with a sparkly skirt and it will tone down the dressier piece.  It’s an all-purpose wardrobe staple that can take you from poolside to dinner.
3. Shop for a wide leg pant.  We have a great one in linen; denim is also popular.  The wide leg will continue to be important this coming fall.  It’s worn a little longer than a cropped
leg, with a heel to balance out the width.  Pants’ waists are coming up a little bit, but are still about two fingers below the belly button.  We’re not seeing anymore “butt crack pants,” thank goodness.
4. Another key item is the cropped jacket.  This looks great with wide pants.  Look for one with a bracelet sleeve, which is almost as short as a cropped sleeve, to show off the bracelet.
5. As for accessories, anything metallic, from bags to shoes to belts, is important for summer.  They look great with white.

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