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Difference between Young People and Old People Make Up


The desire to enhance one’s beauty is not only seen in young people, but the desire is also seen in elderly persons. The real desire for make-up begins when a person arrives at the age of 40, at this point the make-up needs to be more classy. The reason for applying make-up in an elderly state is cover wrinkles, marks that may come with aging so that it gives them a more graceful look.

The make-up applied on an older woman needs to be more graceful than that of a younger person. They use colors in a more classy way, an excess of make-up should be avoided. Make-up should focus on hiding scars, wrinking and ageing, the aim is not about looking younger but more so about looking beautiful at your age. The make-up may be applied to different parts of the body, as seen necessary for the main purpose of hiding blemishes and unwanted marks.

As mentioned before, the instances stated in paragraph two may not be the case for younger women, yes some of them apply make-up to hide scars and others, but their main aim is for a more glamorous look. This extinuishes a difference between young and old women in their use of make-up application.

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