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Comfortable shoes

Buying shoes can be a tragedy for some of us. So many models, brands, imitations, materials. What is important when we buy a pair of shoes? They have to look fantastic but also be comfortable!

comfy shoes

What makes a pair of shoes comfortable?

The fabric or material is very important. The finishing as well, as sometimes they can hurt. Fabrics that let the transpiration through are a good option for those who suffer of bad smell, especially with hot days.

The hill is also something to think about when looking for a comfortable pair of shoes. Not necessary high hills are uncomfortable and flat shoes are like heaven. On the contrary, for some people flat shoes end u being really uncomfortable, and if they don’t have the right support they may even give us back pain!

Some technologic shoes (yes! Can you believe it?) are made in a way that selects those parts of your feet that are under more stress and adapt to give you a better support.

Comfortable designs can also be elegant and look amazing.

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