Written by Tendenzias

Cocktail dress

As weather gets better we have to start thinking about what to wear for different events, and nothing looks better than cocktail dresses. They are elegant and very feminine.


Cocktail dresses are the protagonist of this spring and summer. Simplicity and a sexy girly style are the rule. Little accessories can be added to make your dress unique and more suitable to the event. For example, adding a neckline could look more elegant, while choosing a bright colour can be perfect for an outdoor dinner, more informal.

Clear tones for cocktail dresses are going to be everywhere, and we can’t argue with them, they look fantastic! More powerful colours will also be present, red, blue and orange.


If the event is during the evening or the night, you may want to choose a darker tone, like grey or black.

Don’t forget: as important the dress is, the shoes have to match it!

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