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Clothes swapping

As unemployment increases and prices of living rise, people are beginning to turn to alternate ways to save money. Unfortunately our love of clothes hasn’t diminished, but luckily a relatively new phenomenon is allowing us to continue looking fabulous, even if we have nowhere to go!


A clothing swap is an event wherein the participants (or customers) exchange their no longer used clothing for clothing that they will wear. The concept of clothes swapping is fairly new, however the idea has exploded across the global, both in commercial stores and online.

While many people prefer a more conventional approach to shopping, by being physically present in the store, trying on the clothes and enjoying the element of socialisation, others believe that there are much greater advantages to swapping online. Generally online swap stores offer a larger ‘booty’ to choose from, which can be sifted through in the comfort of one’s own living room.

Check out http://www.swapstyle.com/ to discover how online clothes swapping works, or if you live in Dublin, head to Swopshop (http://www.swopshop.ie/), a store completely devoted to the art of clothes swapping.

Happy swapping!

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