Written by Tendenzias

Church Fashion

1265Fashion is not only for sinners but christians as well who all desire to look good. Church persons are now into fashion as clothes is being designed to soothe their desires to look good.

There are many items made for christians, we know that not all christians where pants (females), make-up and jewelry except for watches and rings when married so all will not be adorned the same way. Some christians wear anything and everything so fashion is not a problem for them, when they go to shop there is not much picking and choosing. Those who may not wear make-up and jewelry may lean to accessories such a watches, hats and handbags. A major trend in the churches today is the adorning with hats, in most churches the members wear hats to match their outfits.

Men now will most likely be dressed in a simple shirt and tie, some in a jacket suit and some in shirt and ties along with vest. Men now wear shoes known as “gentleman” most made with a pointy mouth, square mouth or round mouth. The fashion trend in the churches are quickly changing as everyone is aiming to look fashionable and good.

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