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Christmas 2012

We are getting ready for next year, and that’s why we want to know more about the Holiday Season. If you’re already making plans for next year, sorting goals and challenges or simply planning your free time, well, you will probably find it useful to know to know when Christmas 2012 is.

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Christmas 2012 falls on a Tuesday, which means you’ll be probable able to take a couple of days off if linking the weekend with Christmas Eve (24th of December) and Christmas day. This may be good news if you’re planning to make a short trip to enjoy the holidays elsewhere.

What matters to us here in FashionWE is, of course, the fashion. And Christmas is a special moment as we will probably be looking for an amazing dress for the 25th. Paya ttention to all the news for the seasons, even during the cold winter we can look amazing.

Christmas is one of the most important catholic celebrations during the year. Christians conmemorate the birth of Christ. The tradition of giving presents came from older times and simply matched the catholic celebration. This is one of the kids’ favourite holidays as they get presents and can enjoy the spirit, and they always love Santa Claus!


December 2012 will be special also because it’s the time for the Mayan prophecy that makes people believe the worl will end. Actually the Mayan calendar only goes until the 21 of December, so we don’t even know if that means we will (or willnot) have Christmas this year. The prophecy has caused controversy and we expect to see panic groups and frenetic fanatics around the date. Do you believe in this prediction?

The end of 2012 is a good time to start planning a new life, make new working and studying plans and set new professional challenges. The prophecy doesn’t mean necessary the end of the world but a spiritual rebirth. What do you believe?

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