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Christmas 2011

Christmas is close and we want to get ready here in FashionWE for our favourite time of the year. Christmas is a good holiday to celebrate with family, friends, at home or far far away. Time to rest from work and enjoy sweet treats without guilt. Get ready for Christmas 2011.


On the 2011 Christmas will be on the 25th December. This date never changes, but this year it falls on a Sunday, so no free day at work, except in some countries where the 26th December is also celebrated. The holiday is part of the main celebrations of the catholic calendar, though the original party used to be a pagan tradition. Today two parallel things happen at Christmas: catholics celebrate the birth of Jesus, while in most of the world people relates Christmas with Santa Claus and gifts.

Now that we know when Christmas is, and being September already, it’s time to start thinking about how are we going to face this time of the year, it’s time to set the latest goals for 2011 and make news plans and dream of new challenges for 2012. Fashion starts to change after Christmas as we start dreaming about the summer and the end of the cold season.


Christmas is also a time to dedicate to the family, to celebrate together in a relaxed way, not worrying about work and the routine.

If you want to know more about the dates of Christmas for next year, you can visit Christmas 2012.

¡Merry Christmas!

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