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Chanel remodels its Barcelona Store

The super famous French design firm Chanel has just remodeled its Barcelona store, located at the elegant Paseo de Gracia, Nº 70,  by multiplying the store’s space, from 90 square meters to more than 190; it now includes a door to the Valencia Street, too. Last Thursday it offered a great cocktail party to celebrate this reopening with the assistance of tout Barcelona.
Inside the store, the additional space looks bigger, making enough room for the prêt-â-porter collection as well as for Channel accessories (purses, shoes, glasses, jewelry, belts, etc). It has been decorated with the traditional black, white and beige Chanel colours, from a design made by Peter Marino. Yet it presents a novelty: a big red sofa placed in one corner of the store. Regarding the collection itself, it is aimed at a younger and cosmopolitan audience yet full of luxury.
In Spain,
Chanel also has a store in Madrid (located atthe Jose Ortega y Gasset Street, Nº 14, in the Salamanca zone, close to the Paseo La Castellana).
Chanel, nowadays under the direction of Karl Lagerfeld, was founded by Gabrielle Channel, a seamstress of humble origins who became a universal icon of world fashion, leaving a legacy of elegance and simplicity, based on comfortable clothes with a touch of class, putting an end to the Rococo fashion trend of Paris of the middle of the Twentieth century. Among other things, Channel invented the two-colour shoes, a model that still reigns after 50 years (Ms. Chanel used to say that a woman wearing nice shoes is never ugly).


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