Spring Fashion Trends

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Lunar Eclipse 2012

Khaki, or in other words, rotten green is the color that is not in itself delights. Without him there would be not even small part of iconic style of safari.....

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Women’s Day 2012

Even if you not particularly like such occasions like women’s day, 8th March is an excellent opportunity to manifest your femininity. We present a few creations for girls, women, ladies....

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Ultra Beauty 2012

Be natural and find your style. Going through life, you develop your own individual style. On the basis of different experiences and aesthetic choices you connect different, sometimes radically different trends....


Dior Summer 2011

Dior has presented the collection for the next spring and summer 2011 and we introduce you to what’s going to be the rule this season. The look for this summer....


Versace for kids

Versace has lauched a collection for kids, following the teodency of other big brands as Gucci. Cloth for kids made by Versace, that’s fancy! The collection is designed for kids....

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Zara suits for men

Zara continues to surprise us with its collection of fashion for men. With their latter collection, Zara Suits, they have positioned fifth on the 2011 list of better brands for....