Shoes tendencies 2011

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Raymour and Flanigan Furniture 2012

Color of summer, the delusion reminiscent of sea water. This also takes its name. It is cheerful and intense, yet connects well with other summer colors. How about a sea-green?....

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Meteor Shower 2012

This is the most intense shade of red. Poppy red certainly is reserved only for those people who like to attract attention. But beware! It’s very difficult to wear color!....

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Chinese Horoscope 2012

Every day we find ourselves in different situations that require impeccable appearance. One of them is dinner at the future in-laws – as we know, first impression is the most....

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The Popularity Of Women Shoes

The woman’s categories of shoes look extremely interesting, and men are going to be jealous. They have a wide range starting from over-the-knee boots to stilettos, wedges and pointy toed,....

Shoes tendencies 2011 ·

Comfortable shoes

Buying shoes can be a tragedy for some of us. So many models, brands, imitations, materials. What is important when we buy a pair of shoes? They have to look....

Shoes tendencies 2011 ·

Nike Air Pegasus 92

As the competition brand, Adidas, is bringing us new models and styles all the time, Nike has begun to do the same. We can only be happy! In this path....

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Women shoes 2011

High, very high, really high heels!  If you get dizzy after looking down the stairs, better take some Dramamine because this spring-summer collection in women´s shoes is several inches up....