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Meteor Shower 2012

This is the most intense shade of red. Poppy red certainly is reserved only for those people who like to attract attention. But beware! It’s very difficult to wear color!....

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Man Hairstyle 2012

What to do while wearing elegant suit? Probably you already know this. You also know about haircuts, because there’s something you should be familiar with: Man Hairstyle 2012. But what....


Miss USA 2012

Fashion Accessories? Yet not long ago accessories were not too much importance for our clothes, women wore only a delicate chains and small rings. Today the most fashionable elements are....


Gucci Fall 2011

To follow up with our news about men fashion for the next autumn 2011, we want to introduce you to Gucci collection for this fall. The luxury brand has launched....

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Calvin Klein swimsuits for men

Calvin Klein is one of the most famous brands for men’s underwear. But the swimsuit collection for 2011 is one of the best for this year. Choose your type of....

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Durable Denim

Whether you are a fashion lover or not, the denim has likely managed to work its way into your wardrobe. The value of denims is not judged by their price....

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Zara suits for men

Zara continues to surprise us with its collection of fashion for men. With their latter collection, Zara Suits, they have positioned fifth on the 2011 list of better brands for....