Long Hair Cuts

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Earth Day 2012

Color years, the delusion reminiscent of sea water. This also takes its name. It is cheerful and intense, yet connects well with other summer colors. How about a sea-green? Sea....

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Hairstyles 2012 for Women

Permanent make-up of the eye is a choice for women who do not want to waste time each day to perform make-up. Although, contrary to its name, the effects of....

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Hairstyles 2012

Hairstyles 2012, everything you need to know and do to look fabulous during the year. During the 2012 we’ll see some new trends make their way in the fashion world,....


Hair Color History

Beyond its biological function of keeping the head protected and warm, hair’s true value lies in its ability to make a highly personal, visual statement about oneself. Throughout history, hair....