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Meteor Shower 2012

This is the most intense shade of red. Poppy red certainly is reserved only for those people who like to attract attention. But beware! It’s very difficult to wear color!....

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Lunar Eclipse 2012

Khaki, or in other words, rotten green is the color that is not in itself delights. Without him there would be not even small part of iconic style of safari.....

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Hairstyles 2012 for Women

Permanent make-up of the eye is a choice for women who do not want to waste time each day to perform make-up. Although, contrary to its name, the effects of....

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Haircuts 2012 for Women

Make-up is next to cosmetic enhancements, the necessary elements to do makeup. In Toiletry every woman cares about her appearance should include items such as: fluid, powder, blush or bronzer....

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Bridal Hairstyles 2012

Dreadlocks can be done at home by tapir hair, rubbing them with wool or coiled braids in the hair salon or using the crochet hooks. You can make thin dreadlocks....

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A remake of the ’50s for you!

    In few weeks we will leave behind the summer season that will long remember for its nuances, its colors and patterns of hair-cutting trend that the more they....