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Lunar Eclipse 2012

Khaki, or in other words, rotten green is the color that is not in itself delights. Without him there would be not even small part of iconic style of safari.....


Buenos Aires in – Recoleta

Buenos Aires can boast of being avant-garde, reflexive, educated, resilient, explosive, creative and much more. Its intrinsic personality expresses itself through art, literature, design and fashion. Therefore, is there any....

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Bridal Bouquet

In the centuries to the bridal bouquet is has given importance charged with meaning, in some cases represented fertility, virginity and hope and others contain secret codes only shared by....

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New trends part 2

Black magic As fresh as it looked, the White suit –which was in fashion for spring/summer- was a bit of a downer for those of us who were insecure about....

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New trends 2011 part 1

Romance is alive The choice of romantic clothes is endless…embroidered lace dresses, tulle skirts, flowing lace trousers, sheer off-the-shoulder tops and Victorian inspired crinkled or plain chiffon blouses. Designers have....

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Wedding in

• The “vintage” style not only in clothing and accessories but also in the background. • Thematic sweet tables. • Wedding day with Brunch.   • The souvenirs and the background.....

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Shopping in NYC

New York is the paradise of outlets or sales, with substantial discounts on all kinds of articles, from the home to apparel brand. Some of the best shops are on....