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70s Fashion

September 18, 1970. In Italy the law dealing with divorce came into effect, and was a clear symptom of profound cultural change. In the United States, as a reaction to....

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Shabby Chic 2012

Red-catching dark, cold pink – so you can describe the carmine red. This is the color very noble and extraordinary. It should have him in the closet every brunette. Carmine....

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Wall Colors 2012

Slightly faded, salmon colored orange – this is a coral red. This is the warmest and lightest shade of red. Just right for those of you who feel ill in....

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Man Hairstyle 2012

What to do while wearing elegant suit? Probably you already know this. You also know about haircuts, because there’s something you should be familiar with: Man Hairstyle 2012. But what....