Written by Tendenzias

Care for more than your hands

Sometimes it may happen that your hands are the most neglected part of the body, both because of the work you do, both for non-optimal atmospheric conditions, in truth the reason for the neglect can be very many. They say they are the hands to betray the age of a woman, and it is true, you feel a “shock” when he saw a hand full of wrinkles or chapped skin, a hand that has a hundred years old when his face when he looks fifty. Hand care should begin with the simple habits that should be instinctive. First you need to protect your hands from cold, heat, from detergents (specific reference to women) and all that be irritating to the skin. If you do the work that may jeopardize the care of your hands, use gloves as a requirement dictated by the rules of safety in the workplace.

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