Written by Tendenzias

Cannes 2011 | Johnny Depp

Cannes 2011, the event of the year where celebrities get together and we can gossip about how they look. We have already showed you a bit of Brad Pitt and he’s fashionable style, now is the turn of Johnny Depp.


He’ll be in Cannes for the premiere of the forth movie of “Pirates of the Caribbbean”. But don’t worry, he hasn’t come as a pirate. On the contrary he came with a great look and we are all amazed with his neat and young style.

Johnny Depp has been several times into the top 10 of the most beautiful men in the world. His shaggy style, the long hair and ripped jeans are almost a signature for Depp have been replaced for a more neat and elegant style.

Depp presented himself in the Cannes Festival dressed with a dark suit and white t-shirt and we were surprised to see he has cut his hair, choosing for a look that really suits him.

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