Written by Tendenzias

Calvin Klein Eternity

The men’s fragrance for Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2011, is a new men’s fragrance from Calvin Klein, Eternity, which comes with a nice bottle decorated in green, which evokes the sun that mark the summer, its content is 100 ml EDT fragrance for all those days when it takes a scent seductive and charming, but lightweight, great for those days when we think of going to the beach, at home or you want to relax by the pool.

This men’s fragrance Calvin Klein Eternity 2011, is a rich blend of citrus, mint, melon and hints of star anise, galbanum, lily of the valley, cedar, patchouli and amber are combined for a scent of summer. With the unmistakable image of the model of Ben Hill photographed by David Sims, wearing summer clothes, there is the image of a man sure of himself that takes life calmly and cheerfully.

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