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Calendar 2012

Calendar 2012: the 2012 is very close now and we want to tell you what to expect this year. All the important dates, the holidays and everything you want to know about the 2012.


Calendars are very important for busy people, for people willing to already plan their holidays, for big families (someone has to remember all those birthdays!). Plan already your 2012, establish goals and decide maybe when is a good time to get married or to start that long trip you’ve always dreamt of.

But 2012 is not going to be a year like others. You have probably heard of the Maya prophecy that says that 2012 will be the “end of an era”. Does that mean is the end of the world? Some people seem to think so. If you do (or if you don’t, but wanna just in case have a good year), then it’s the right time to start planning an unforgettable year.

calendario azteca

2012 is going to be the year to do all those thing we’ve always dreamt to do: travel, love, working goals, finish postponed studies. Take your time to decide what’s important next year, plan and organize. That’s why this calendar is the useful choice for you.

And not to forget the fashion, that is what it matter to us, check on the calendar to see when the seasons change and, therefore, is time to change our style! Don’t miss what’s coming next year in the fashion world.

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