Written by Tendenzias

Boston Marathon 2012

Besides all of the speech already done on their patriotism, on the their culture and on the their public spirit I am necessary to admit than I am also of the organizing best, difficult to find “leaks” in their perfect car. I had had point of view l’ organization of the Marathon of San Francisco in very superficial manner – Boston myself really astonished and in the same time charmed. Monday morning I do the first investigation in town, calm everything like if nothing was …from them to little 27,000 athletes will arrive … I Come down from the Common, I insert me in the Public Garden, I turn on the left, to the right and is a delirium! Boylston St. is completely green! There are truck that unload of everything, armies of volunteers, all completely transnational until if you should go from the opposite part of the road is necessary to take a stroll of at least a mile!

I should find myself with Guido and naturally he is the other side, we find a hole on the Commonwealth Av and we seek a good place where to photograph and to wait for our friends pawned in competition. In the meanwhile they arrive the Hand-Bikers, to every passage is a deafening fan! A lot they have a bell in hand and all together create an amazing din, who shouts, who jumps, but all in very civil manner! IMG_9860 (Wide) There are the otherwise capable that are a fan calmly, naturally in first line respected from everything …there is not extremism, above all does not hear itself a horn …alone nothing fan, much fan … Seems a large party and there are moments that I feel me literally drunk, intoxicated from so much sporty normality of fan … we Experience to move us, but c’ is too people, calls me Clear the wife of Andrea, but is impossible to find us …We decide to follow the competition in opposite sense, we walk for beyond a mile, but there are always the barriers and above all an enormous public, wherever … Finally I succeed to pass a barrier, but I come immediately redaction from a policeman naturally turned towards the public – I Ask if I can sit to do me the photograph, he does to understand me that I should not obstruct the visa to those rear. The first there we lose them, too swift, quite 4 athletes under the 2h05′ – more of everything l impresses me’ American Ryan Hallway (2h 04′58″). In turn it hears itself that the wind to favor is helping much, but we do not forget that Boston is muscular, is not certain an easy marathon even if in the strip of the swiftest is second alone to Rotterdam, I do not understand however with that meter of comparison does this assertion.

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