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Bob Furniture 2012

Plum is a very dark, slightly dirty, brown, violet cold. Fits to the many colors, so it is universal – depending on the statement you can make it summer outfits, or autumn.

Plum purple is definitely cool – has a bit of dark brown, and blue. Through this visual coolness, is a very elegant color. Beautifully presented in stylizations cocktail and evening, especially surrounded with beautiful things from Bob Furniture 2012.

Plum colored sweater

Plum colored sweater

Plum purple color gives the impression of a universal, matched to most types of beauty. But this is only a pretense. Ladies in spring and autumn type of color may look at him unwell browned. Top in plum violet color looks years. Be sure to keep in the closet something plum, if:

  • iris of your eyes are hazy and blurred,
  • Your moles are gray – brown tint,
  • Your hair color is ash blonde or gray brown.
Minty shade of green

Minty shade of green

To fit a lot of plum colors, especially shades of green and orange. But if you look for perfect connections, especially good in emerald green and powder pink. The first will add even more elegant plum word – that would be great styling for the evening. Every day will present itself well pastel pink, purple to brighten it and add lightness.

Plum dress

Plum dress

Of course this is only half of the article, the other half will mint color. Peppermint is a very bright shade of green slightly tinged with blue. Although the family belongs to the pastels, it is not so delicate and perfect for evening styling.

Minty shade of green is not a standard color, so it is not easy to find in stores something in that color. But it is worth looking, because the mint is unusual styling and very interesting.

Peppermint is a very cool shade of green, catching even the blue. Precisely because the best will in the summer look for women of color type. Not bad for a mint color is also present winter, especially those with a southern beauty. Feel free to wear the color of mint, if:

  • your eyes are blue – green color
  • your hair color is ash blonde or brown,
  • you are very easy to sunbathing,
  • whites of your eyes are a bluish shade of white.

Mint Colour is beautifully presented with all shades of browns, especially bright – cocoa. Create a more subdued him, everyday styling. More shawl will be adding to a combination of sharp violet mint, for example, in the shade cyklamenowym. The look great even present itself during the summer event.

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