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Bob Cuts

Bob cuts achieved its greatest splendor during the World War, as women engaged in war inconvenienced long hairs. In the early 1920s many women decided to cut their in that style because it was seen as a symbol of independence and became the dominant female haircut in the western world. Although Bob cuts were abandoned in the 1930s, they were made popular again in the 1960s.

asian short bob hairstyle

Since them, Bob cuts have evolved and many of the most popular actresses and singers wear them nowadays.

Currently, there are three basic Bob cuts; the most conservative of them is the sleek one-length Bob, which fit with almost all the sorts of faces. The second one is the flippy Bob, which is worn with layers and bangs. At the end comes the curly Bob, usually styled with a curl encouraging gel or mousse.

Although there are three basic Bobs, women wear them are many tapes of Bob cuts that have come up. Women have give free rein to their imagination, and have created a broad variety of Bob cuts to give touch of charm to their hairs.

In 2009 and 2010, many of the most popular personalities of the artistic world wear adventurous Bob cuts, which combine the classic Bob with new looks.

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