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What is best to wear on an interview?


Always keep in mind of the proverb “first impressions last” It actually is a proven fact. That impression conveys by your skills and attribute, and what you’re wearing plays an important part. First you should be wearing a well-tailored suit. Enhancing your look but not make a statement on it’s own, you can transmit yourself in your own sense of fashion, and can easily be recalled by the interviewer in two ways. That could be “You” wearing an appropriate color suit, matches correctly, well tailored and ideal, or “YOU” being recalled as an interviewee, wearing an inappropriate color, bad outfit, poorly tailored and uncoordinated attire. Considering dark colored suits such as dark blue, navy, charcoal, black or even dark olive are recommended. Given it conveys power and authority, which are greatly advised for assemblies or an indoor event. Pinstripes sometimes justify standing out more in a group. For some, they would rather have worn the solid basic ones, but either way, that would be your choice of presenting yourself. On the other hand light colored outfits is suitable for the “on the go” and outdoor job. Clearly, it would be so uncomfortable to wear a dark color outfits during the summer. If you have two sets of wardrobe in your closet, prefer unchanging standard or traditional and yet fashionable, and not to be remembered as “the guy who wears the same suit the last time”. Will it be an outdoor or indoor, or be more exposed with clients, or office based, keep in mind that anyone wearing the right outfit at the right juncture gives you the confidence that you will ever need in an interview, or nonetheless in any occasion. You will present yourself just right.

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