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Best Hair Styles 2011

Are you planning to change your hairstyle this 2011? Well, wait to see the tendencies on haircuts, hair colours and style for this 2011.

long hair3

The year 2011 came with a lot of different styles: the long hair in classic style is again mode, but on the other hand some celebrities have been using the hair really short (like Emma Watson), imposing a complete opposite trend. What do you like the most?

lond hair1long hair2

One of the main tendencies this 2011 are the waves. Using the hair with these natural shapes seems to give the face more movement and is a very juvenile style that every woman can use. This seems to be a big trend that will be imposed as more and more celebrities start using their hair with waves and more natural colours. The style allows certain personal touches, you can combine it with a haircut in layers, creating more volume, for example.

short hair1short hair2short hair3

If you prefer your hair cut, this is the best year to try. The “pixie” haircut is a big mode thanks to some brave celebrities. It’s a great option for next summer and it allows you to make it completely personal. With a touch of mousse or a comb you can create different styles, with more or less volume. Not to mention is going to be very comfortable in the beach and easy to style.

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