Written by Tendenzias

Autumn 2011

Trends for Autumn 2011

Autumn is not too far now and it’s time to start getting ready for our favourite season. Because of the changing weather autumn is a great season to experiment with different cloth and colours become more connected to earth.


We will see a lot of cigarette pants and some really wide fashion coming back this season. They are a good trick for those ladies that want to hide a bit bt still be trendy.

A formal touch will be seen this autumn in every piece of cloth, with more classic lines and excellent for women that work and have a busy life but want to be trendy all the time and comfortable in their outfits.

Boots and high heels will be part of the trend as usual, but it seems that we will see a lot of high fronted shoes with interesting designs that will make our shoes protagonist of our outfits!

Footwear with skin designs and jewellery will be everywhere this autumn.

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