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Autumn 2011 trends for men

Autumn is not so far now that the season has become warm. Today we are talking about trends for men for this autumn 2011.

autumn men

This year we will see some tendencies we have seen before like white t-shirts, leather pants and printed sweaters. But we will also see new trends.

Tight pants are still a fashion. The idea this autumn is to put the bottom up so we can see the socks. A young style and definitely fun.

autumn men2Another new thing is the colours, a darker style is going to be a lot seen this autumn. Apart from black or grey we will see dark tones of blue and red. Texas shirts and white t-shirts will be the best option to combine.

Suits get also tight this autumn. Grey and black are the fashion tones. Leather jackets are everywhere and the fashion will be to have them with fabric on the next. A bit of a military trend will be seen a lot, especially in footwear and boots.

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