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Armani at the Paris Fashion Week


In a recent post, comments were made about The Paris Fashion Week, Winter Collection, which closed last Saturday, specially regarding Chanel’s controversial designs. Today, we are going to talk about Giorgio Armani’sWomen designs, which, contrary to Chanel’s, have been an astonishing success.

If last January Giorgio Armani transported us in an astral trip during the release of its High Couture collection for the summer,  now he has decided to honour Japan, its people, the delicate women of ancient traditions, and their gowns, delicate kimonos transformed by the vision of the international Italian designer into modern concepts for today’s western ladies. The result has been a beautiful, wide and generous catwalk, of 46 dresses, in Chaillot’s National Theatre in the Trocadero with many subtlety and laboriousness in the conjunction of the fabrics. Suits in black, level velvet and stamped rose silk have been common, breaking the monochromatism of the pieces to which Armani has gotten us so acquainted with.

This time, the Far East and its flowers, colours, branches and vegetation was the main theme of the collection, up to such a point that Phillipe Tracy’s wonderful hairdos were looking like a visual continuation of the prints used in the suits, jackets and night dresses. In addition, the floral embroideries in little Swarovski stones  coloured in dusty tones were heightening the print of Japanese garden that was trying to evoke. Once again, the sonorous band chosen to go along the parade was a current selection of music that went quite well with the dresses.

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