Written by Tendenzias

4th of July 2012

As Americans celebrate July 4? There are some “formulas”‘s: barbecue, picnic or family meals. During July 4th is strictly forbidden to be alone: the rule is reunited with his family (even if the other side of the coast) or with close friends. We meet in the late morning (depending on what you are organized: barbecue, picnic or lunch at home), they sing the national anthem in a row with his hand on his heart and in the afternoon, possibly you go in the street or in a nearby village to attend the traditional costume parade and celebrate the stars and stripes until evening, when not miss the fireworks with fireworks to be really out of breath.

Who has not spent at least one Independence Day in the States really do not think I will be able to understand me when I say “deep sense of belonging” or “fireworks” breathtaking. Many Italians consider it a “farce” this party, but rather not think we can judge that at least until the person has lived in the first …

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