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Sun glasses – how to choose right ones

Sun glasses are probably most widely used accessory by lot of people. There’s no matter, what time of year, we can wear sunglasses all time – when it suns, we....

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Maria Llado

“I thank God for not having a girl because I have ruined. If asked by a meaningful name in Spanish fashion, I do not hesitate:” Sybilla. Designed with a dear....


Not without my black dress

The black dress, little black dress or a little black dress (LBD for experts) is a mythical story of fashion clothing. And no wonder, because it represents the eternal essence....

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Secret Lady Gaga in Madrid

Many of the accessories and decorations owned by the pop diva are made in Lavapies. In this district of Madrid, Lebanese Assaad Awad designs unique pieces for selected customers. Exactly....

Fashion Trends

Fashion of the fifties

  The Second World War caused Europe and specifically England to lose the leading role in the world, but gave way to the United States and the Soviet Union, which....

Fashion Trends

Sixties Fashion

The sixties, so restless and provocative, have radically changed the morals and way of life in which we are still entrenched. Despite the economic well-being of the time, more and....

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70s Fashion

September 18, 1970. In Italy the law dealing with divorce came into effect, and was a clear symptom of profound cultural change. In the United States, as a reaction to....

Fashion Trends

Fashion of the eighties

  In the eighties we saw a whole new redefinition of the profession of the designer. It was not enough to be a good craftsman and create garments of excellent....